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Interview - Kroda (english)

Last months was on eastern-european scene many changes, new releases of head Ukrajinan bands, forming new band or leaving of members. One bad new was heard before the summer and it was Viterzgir´s leaving from Kroda. Therefore i decided to ask questions to Eisenslav, founder member about future of Kroda

Greetings Eisenslav! First thing I’d like to ask you is about the changes recently occurring in Kroda – what will happen to the band now?

Speaking about line-up changes, nothing extraordinary will happen. KRODA still roam the predestined Pathway accordingly to Weltanschauung of it’s own.

Do you plan to go on? (if yes, what will the line-up be? Or will you go on your own?

A new KRODA line-up has no names. Of course, it doesn’t mean the absence of crew, I just wanna say that members’ names are not a thing to make horde famous, as well as band isn’t destined to glorify participants names (as it was before), but only the harmonious common work of the whole line-up creates an Essence and Substance of the horde. Today, the whole work in the band looks like this: I compose the main skeletal frame of music and write lyrics, but I shall not perform instrumental part (except of a few exclusions) – other musicians are here to do this work.

I was surprised by an information about the new publisher, the Purity Through Fire from Germany. Could you explain why that happened?

As it was mentioned in a statement on our website, «As a result of our previous publisher and main distributor working extremely unsatisfactory, at first having delayed the release of "Funf Jahre Kulturkampf" almost for a year, and later having made our old and new CDs unavailable, ripping off at trades and sales a number of labels and single buyers, we came to a decision to change the label for a more reliable one in our own eyes. »
I expressed all I want to say.

It’s been three years since the last album called Fimbulvinter. Have you recorded anything new in a meanwhile?

First of all, after “Fimbulvinter” is unleashed, we recorded an experimental mini album “Falcon Among The Cliffs”. At least, would be also proper to mention our activity in playing live on gigs and Funf Jahre Kulturkampf release. This opus, including it’s audio and DVD chapters, took two years of continuous hard work. So, it’s a big mistake to say that we were inactive since “Fimbulvinter” times. Would be also proper to mention our “Vogelgeister” DVD with clips.
Right now, we are recording our brand new full-length, previously named “Schwarzpfade”.

Besides the full-length albums, two DVD recordings (Fünf Jahre Kulturkampf and the Ghost of The Birds) have been released. What was the idea behind them and what are they about?

To speak about music is just like to dance about architecture… To speak about music video – is total fucking nonsense at all… Watch and appreciate it by yourself.
At worst, for “exclusively genius” ones, there are even comments in video…

Regarding the abovementioned DVDs, I have another question. Lot of people prefer watching videos on youtube instead of life performances or buying a DVD. They also download mp3s rather than support the band by buying a CD/DVD. In your opinion, what is the main reason for such activities?

Those who are satisfied enough to watch youtube and to listen mp3 at home – let them continue far more. But let these “wise individuals” also realize that if gigs gather a little number of listeners – then gigs stop, because organizers have no money for new concerts. As well as releasers having no money for new issues, including fresh opus of once unleashed band, because DVD and CD are not bought. Logical sequence is pretty clear: if band release is sold bad – no one wants to release it once more. Loss of labels interest leads to lack of money for recording. Then – quality of music fading down, or no more albums appear at all. This way, such “fans” nail a coffin lid of their “beloved” scene and bands by their own hands. So, that’s all the “secret” of current process.  :)))

It’s a well-known fact that you are a guest-vocalist in many bands. With whom do you find the co-operation the most enjoyable? Are you also involved in writing lyrics or are you just doing the vocals?

I really took part in different bands sometimes, as a guest musician. But with a flowing of waters, time brought more cares and carried free time away. So, now I prefer to concentrate upon the work of prior importance, not scattering myself on performances with other bands, even if they are friends of mine.

Lyrics usually play an important role, Kroda probably not being an exception. How do you perceive paganism and the circle of life? What might be the reason for these becoming some kind of a trend?

Almost all the fresh innovations, when they’re interesting, are turning into trend somehow. So, nothing surprising.
By the way, many listeners and even musicians consider that lyrics are absolutely unimportant side. Although, a lot of people are trueborn idiotic assholes apriori.

Do you identify yourself with an idea of pan-European unity and mutual unity as such?

Well, what can I say here... I don’t believe in actual possibility of united European Empire. Although, this idea seems attracting for me. But one Truth I consider unutterable: the fact is that We Are, the EUROPAGAN, have one common root of blood origin. Some cultural differences (caused by wide territorial dissemination) are just illustrate our original unity.

Ukraine is thought to be the Slavic fatherland, many archaeological findings have been discovered there. What does cultural heritage means to you personally?

First of all I have to mention than most part of archeological artefacts found in Ukraine is related with Goth and Norman cultures, not Slavonic. But it’s just to specify. Answering the question, our Heritage – is one of my main personal interests

Now a little off topic – what about some contemporary albums? Have you already listened to new pieces by Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh, or Negura Bunget? Do you like them?

Yeah, of corpse I listened to their new albums and, to be honest, I was absolutely NOT enraptured by them, even though I endlessly respect their names. Most of all I was disappointed by a new NEGURA BUNGET album. There is only one really worthy song, Dacia Hiperboreana. The rest is just a compilation of banal riffs and folkloric patches instead of fresh ideas in metal music. NOKTURNAL MORTUM created really great and mighty album. But I personally like their older creations far more, so I can say here: new album is good, but I prefer their earlier works. DRUDKH… First two albums are true masterpieces, further creations – are just good Atmospheric Black Metal. New stuff sounds quite experimental, but as for me, the sound here is not massive enough for this kind of music. I mean the recording level only. The album itself is really atmospheric and filled with mood of Autumn.

Are you familiar with Slovak black-metal scene? Do you listen to any of Slovak bands?

Yes, I’m familiar with Slovak scene, but I’m not a fan of it, frankly speaking.

Last question, do you have any message for Slovak and Czech fans?

Thank you for not boring and interesting interview, Stano. I wish you good luck in all your further undertakings. For our fans in Slovakia and Czech (if they are there) I would like to say just one single thing: never forget who are you and whose descendants you are, and always know who are friends and who are enemies. Thanx for interest towards KRODA and your support, meaning gigs and CDs. :)
Thanks a lot for your time and for the interview. All the best.

Written by Goryvlad.

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